Happy new year y’all!

We’re a week into 2020, and January means so many different things to different people.. a new fitness regime, a new diet, new years resolutions of all shapes and sizes!

Here at C&B, we headed down to our restaurant in Ashley Cross, which has just had a lovely exterior makeover, and spoke to Glen and Alex about their recommendations for you this month, and the reasons why!

Just by way of an introduction, Glen is on the left in this pic… he’s been the general manager at Ashley Cross for over 4 years! Alex (right) is our Ashley Cross restaurant manager and joined us in 2019 – he previously worked for the very successful Loungers group.. we’re very lucky to have them both!

So, here’s their recommendations this January, different strokes for different folks – depending on your preferred style, flavour, and attitude!

Try these 3 dishes at C&B this January!

#1 Well, it is Veganuary after all!

Alex: It seems to be all the rage, so first up, we’ve chosen the THIS™ isn’t Chicken wrap, with smokey bbq sauce – it’s the ideal vegan treat and so popular with patrons right now, even non-vegans are ordering it! It’s tasty, nutritious, and a great alternative to our ‘real’ chicken wraps. We’ve paired the wrap with our delicious broccoli and fine bean. This is a really great meal for anyone looking to broaden there meat-free horizons!

Try these 3 dishes at C&B this January!

#2 A Healthy Choice

Glen: We chose the grilled chicken thighs with bbq beans and avocado salad because its packed FULL of goodness – there’s nothing fried in this dish, and with lots of protein, which should see you through those dreaded January gym sessions! Couple that with how great it tastes and it’s definitely a favourite combo of ours!

Try these 3 dishes at C&B this January!

#3 January? What January?

Glen & Alex: Lastly, we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and suggest a combo that patrons love to indulge in (and we do too!). We chose c&b’s infamous ‘mac daddy’ and have added crispy bacon and monterey jack cheese! YUM! We’ve also finished it with the awesome blue cheese sauce – and heck, just to really push the boat out, we’ve added a portion of salted caramel churros! Nothing better than some comfort food while it’s cold, wet and dreary outside! Treat yourself!

Big thanks to Glen and Alex for putting this together for us – we hope you enjoyed it! Keep an eye on the C&B blog for latest articles and news from behind the scenes!

Have a fantastic 2020, and let’s eat together soon!

C&B 🙂