We are excited to welcome you to the all-new Chicken & Blues App, designed with you, our loyal Patrons, in mind. There’s some exciting new features, including the launch of our own currency, the Chikcoin!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have deleted the previous App, if you still have it saved to your phone!

Have a watch of our video below, presented the awesome Julia, and if you have any questions, please email cluck@chickenandblues.com

Chicken & Blues: Available on App Store
Chicken & Blues: Available on Google Play Store


After speaking to 100s of Patrons over the last few months, our team have designed the new C&B App to be a simple and effective way for you to be rewarded every time you visit us!

Chikcoin: As a member, up to 10% of what you spend at C&B, on dine in, takeaways or collections, will be converted into our new currency, called Chikcoin. You can then use your Chikcoin to pay towards future orders, or to buy limited edition C&B merchandise!