We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with the brilliant Brewhouse Bar & Kitchen to launch our very own American Pale Ale!

The C&B Yankee Hack is now available from Chicken & Blues Ashley Cross, and soon to be C&B Reading too! This beautifully crafted bottle has been overseen by the master brewer at Brewhouse in Bournemouth.

Joshua Simons, C&B founder, comments: “It was fascinating to work alongside Nick at Brewhouse on this project. The knowledge he has on the whole process, including taste development, is highly impressive. We’re delighted to offer C&B patrons our own branded bottles of American Pale Ale!”

Nick Antoniades, Head Brewer, Brewhouse Bar & Kitchen, added: “We’re always excited to work with burgeoning businesses on projects such as this. Chicken & Blues are an exciting growth brand that are now able to present a branded Pale Ale with Brewhouse, that sits so well alongside their signature BBQ Chicken!”.