A word from Chicken & Blues HQ;

Chicken & Blues has now cooked over 2,000 meals for front line workers since launching its 50% off NHS orders initiative just 12 days ago. The team has been taken back by the response, and it has really given us a sense of purpose during what is a very unsettling time.

In an amazing show of goodwill, we’ve had members of the public reaching out to us to ask if they can support or supplement meals for NHS staff. We have been working out the best way to do this, and so we launch C&B’s ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign through voucher website Elite Living.

The Pay It Forward Campaign works like this;
1. Donate a meal, or meals, to NHS staff by buying a meal voucher through Elite Living (£5 per meal)
2. Every week during the crisis, Chicken & Blues’ teams will cook off the meals and arrange for both Bournemouth and Poole Hospital NHS staff to receive them
3. That’s it! You donate, then we cook, pack, and arrange distribution

At regular menu price, these meals would usually cost up to £9, so C&B is offering a 40% discount on the meal vouchers to those paying it forward. Meal vouchers include a C&B wrap + soft drink.

Click HERE to buy now.

Is there anything you would like C&B to consider doing to help those in need during this time? Please get in touch and we will see what we can do. Email josh@chickenandblues.com.