The southern-fried wrap at Chicken & Blues made Deliveroo’s most popular dishes of 2023.

As reported in the Daily Mail, Metro, and locally in Bournemouth Echo, Chicken & Blues’ southern-fried chicken wrap is officially the most popular dish in the Bournemouth area on Deliveroo, and ranks 27th in the most popular dishes UK-wide on Deliveroo’s ‘100 report’.

Deliveroo VP of regional growth, Jeff Wemyss, commented: ‘From bananas to burritos, poké to pizza, it’s always fun revealing our annual list of 100 trending dishes across the globe. Recent research shows us that people in the UK are becoming more adventurous with their food choices… which is evident from the variety in both the global and UK lists. We’re delighted to see customers sampling – and enjoying – the wealth of food on their doorsteps.”

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