Press Release – Monday 13th February

C&B is delighted to announce that The Steve Bernard Foundation will be its chosen charity of the year. The foundation was set up in memory of the affectionately named ‘Stevie B’ following his tragic passing in a car accident in November 2005.

Since the foundation was formed in February 2006, it has gone on to raise more than £500,000 for sporting projects based across Dorset. To date, the foundation has supported more than 400 projects covering more than 30 sports and 4 continents.

The foundation, run entirely by volunteers, has offered guidance, financial support and predominantly equipment to a range of good causes, from supporting the AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts Team to potential Olympic athletes of the future; from providing new kit to local boxing clubs to funding outreach projects in Thailand, Uganda and Kenya.

Everything which has been achieved has been guided by Steve’s memory and an incredible passion for sport.

Steve Crawford, C&B: “One of C&B’s core values is to support the local community whenever possible. As a vehicle for this, we have set up the Chicken & Blues Neighbourhood Fund, with all C&B merchandise sales, alongside our annual C&B Live Music event, contributing valuably each year. For 2023, we are delighted to be supporting The Steve Bernard Foundation – a charity that is close to the hearts of many C&B Patrons, and the community as a whole. With the generosity and support of C&B’s fan base, we look forward to working towards a meaningful donation that will be redirected by the foundation to a number of local projects”.

Craig Mathie, The Steve Bernard Foundation:

“We are incredibly proud and thankful to have been selected as Chicken & Blues’ charity of the year for 2023. Over the past 17 years we have supported many thousands of people in their sporting endeavours whilst helping to keep Stevie’s memory alive in the area he called home. The support of inspirational local businesses and their wonderful customers mean that we can continue to be a lifeline for sport across the region. The SBF is run entirely by volunteers meaning that all the funds we receive from C&B will go directly to the projects we support.”

About Stevie B

Stephen John Bernard or ‘Stevie B’ as he was affectionately known by all who loved him, was tragically killed in a car accident on the 2nd November 2005. The crash happened on the A27 near Chichester and also cost two of Steve’s fellow university colleagues their lives.

Steve was loved and respected by all who met him, the sheer number of people who turned up at St Marks Church for the funeral is testament to his character. Steve will forever be remembered by all of those who were lucky enough to meet him and is greatly missed by all.

Steve will be fondly remembered for his love of sport and in particular football, for which he had prestigious talent. He graced football pitches as far away as Ipswich but there are two local clubs which he held particularly close to his heart. The Grange, at Bournemouth Sports Club, was the team with which he flourished as a youngster.

At 16 Steve signed for Christchurch FC following a flurry of offers from around the county. He played some of his best football at Hurn Bridge and he will be greatly missed by all those at the clubs which helped turn him into the fine footballer he undoubtedly was.

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