As the 2021 Golf season gets underway, Chicken & Blues is excited to announce it has formed a partnership with Harry Shaw, also known as ‘The Tattooed Golf Coach’.

Harry is not your average golf coach, with a distinctive look that bucks tradition. A former professional Barber, he is keen to make golf inclusive and fun for people of all ages and abilities, regardless of whether they ‘fit’ the golf image.

He said: ‘Golf has helped me battle my mental health, and since creating my Tattooed Golf Coach brand, people have really started to take notice. I believe Golf can help people – i am trying to push the sport and show that it’s not just a boring old game.. It’s one of those sports that’s great for all!’

Through his brand, Harry hopes to emphasise the importance of being yourself, and to not be afraid of standing out from the crowd. The Tattooed Golf Coach has also partnered with Julia’s House, aiming to help the local community in more ways than one.

Joshua Simons, C&B: ‘We really admire what Harry has achieved in creating such a distinctive brand. The Tattooed Golf Coach endeavours to get people of all ages out into the fresh air and socialising this Summer, whilst potentially picking up a new hobby for life – and we’re totally on board with his mission. With this partnership, we’ll be fuelling Harry before his tournaments with C&B’s Award Winnin’ Chicken, and Harry will be sporting the C&B Trucker Hat at events throughout the season, as well as offering C&B Patrons an exclusive price on golf lessons’.

To redeem your 15% discount on golf lessons with The Tattooed Golf Coach, based at Parley Golf Centre, simply use the code CHICKGOLF through Harry’s online booking platform HERE.


C&B: Fuels The Tattooed Golf Coach for 2021 season!