We’re delighted to announce an exciting partnership with London-based YBF Baking Award Winner, Terri Mercieca, and her brand, Happy Endings London.

Founded in 2014, Happy Endings has turned the London dessert scene on its head. Their ice cream sandwiches combine modern and traditional techniques to create desserts that are bold in flavour, and temper sweetness with savoury and balance textures. 

Happy Endings London is a company built on fun and quality, not just in the food they produce, but also in the relationships they build.

Terri Mercieca, pastry chef and founder, Happy Endings: ‘I want our desserts to give people a fun and delicious moment to themselves, to feel too good to think about anything else. You’re opening that packet of ice cream sandwich joy, and what you’re getting, along with those dreamy creamy flavours and textures, is a whole lot of love and care for you, our supply chain and the environment.”

Steve Crawford, Chicken & Blues: ‘We’ve been searching far and wide for the best Ice Cream Sandwich, and when we visited Terri at her kitchen in East London last month, we were instantly in awe of her skill and passion. The sandwiches are hand-made, and the quality of the product is quite simply superb. It took a while to convince Terri to supply us in Bournemouth and Poole, and so we’re delighted she has agreed. We hope C&B patrons enjoy this new dessert as much we do… you can’t get them anywhere else in the area!

From today, C&B will be stocking ‘The Malty One’…. a malted milk parfait between oaty biscuits, magic malt crumbs, half-dipped in original beans femmes de virunga 55% milk chocolate.