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Life Just
Got App-ier!

Introducing the C&B Patrons App. Save time, order ahead, and earn Chikcoin on every purchase, to spend how you like! Available on iOS + Android!

Life Just
Got App-ier!

Introducing the C&B Patrons App. Save time, order ahead, and earn Chikcoin on every purchase, to spend how you like! Available on iOS + Android!

1. Create an account.

Download the App and create an account to get started. Once you’ve registered, complete your profile and you’ll start earning Chikcoin when you place your first order as a new member!

2. Convenient collections

Choose your nearest Chicken & Blues and order your collection for a time that suits you!

3. Order at table

You can choose to ‘order at table’ through the app when dining in at Chicken & Blues, ensuring you can continue to build, or redeem, your rewards.

4. Earn Chikcoin on every purchase!

Up to 10% of what you spend with Chicken & Blues will be immediately paid into your App account as Chikcoin, which can be redeemed against future orders, or limited edition merchandise.

1 Chikcoin = £1.

Still have questions?

Check out our general FAQs
How much are Chikcoins worth?2022-01-07T15:40:52+00:00

1 Chikcoin is worth £1. As an example, if you were to spend £10 at C&B (based on 10% rewards) you would receive 1 Chikcoin, which is equal to £1. If you spend £100 at C&B, you will receive 10 Chikcoins, which equals £10. Your Chikcoins are credited to your membership account as soon as you make a payment!

How do I set up my account?2022-01-07T15:42:11+00:00

To set up your account, simply download the C&B App from the App store, or Google Play. Register and confirm your account through the App with your name, email, mobile, and a few other details. Our systems will recognise your account in our restaurants based on wither your email, mobile number of 4-digit ID code which you will be able to access on your App home page. This 4-digit code changes automatically every 10 minutes for security!

Can I earn Chikcoins on deliveries?2022-01-07T15:42:27+00:00

No, you cannot earn Chikcoins on deliveries through our delivery partner, Deliveroo. Chikcoins can only be earned through online orders for collections, or when dining in or ordering over the counter for a takeaway in our restaurants.

What’s the best way to place an order?2022-01-07T15:43:50+00:00

You can place your orders for collections, takeaways, or ‘order at table’ through your App. Simple click the ‘order’ button and you will be diverted to our online ordering platform. When you make your payment, your Chikcoins will be applied to your account, which you choose to use, or save up! You can also place your order with a server when in the restaurant – you simply have to give your 4-digit ID number, which you can find by clicking the ‘MY ID’ button on your App. Your Chikcoin will be automatically applied to your account.

Will I earn Chikcoins on meal deals?2022-01-07T15:44:03+00:00

Yes, you will earn Chikcoins on meal deals.

How do I use Chikcoins to pay for an order?2022-01-07T15:44:35+00:00

When placing your order through your App, you can select how many Chikcoins you would like to use on that order. When ordering a takeaway over the counter, let your server know how many Chikcoins you would like to use, show your 4-digit ID code, and this will be processed for you! You may want to let your Chikcoins build up before using them all in one go!

What card types can I add to my account?2022-01-07T15:45:00+00:00

You can securely add Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. The app does not currently support American Express.

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