Chicken & Blues is delighted to announce the introduction of the Shack Special!

This meal bundle is designed for 1 Patron, and includes a whole selection of C&B’s most popular dishes. It’s available exclusively for click & collect through the C&B Patrons App, for those Guests ordering over the counter for takeaway, or for dine-ins. The Shack Special is not available for deliveries through our exclusive delivery partner, Deliveroo. Check it out below!

Price: £10

Choose a Main

Any Wrap (Mac Daddy not included)
Half BBQ Chicken
Mama’s Chicken Caesar Salad

Choose a Classic Side

Grilled Halloumi
Homemade ‘Slaw
Spicy Rice
Creamy Mash
Corn on the Cob
Skin on Fries

Choose a Dippin’ Sauce

Smokey BBQ
Garlic Mayo
Hot & Fiery
Peri Mayo
Blue Cheese
Mama’s Gravy