Where it all began…

Blues roots.

Humble beginnings

Over a few drinks on a rainy night in a far flung bar, Josh, Steve and few pals realised their mutual love of BBQ chicken.

They decided to embark on an emotional and exciting journey, researching Southern American cooking styles, before landing on their own unique and secret recipes.

In September 2013, they opened Chicken Shack, in Boscombe, UK.

The doors opened

Exciting times

Lines formed at the door – and the boys ran out of chicken multiple times in the first week. They soon realised that Mama’s Home Cookin’ had arrived, and it was time to take things to another level!

Welcome to Chicken & Blues!

Goodbye Chicken Shack

After many franchise enquiries, the boys decided to trademark their brand. They visited a lawyer in the city of London and were informed that they would need to change the name from Chicken Shack in order to trademark, as there were many Chicken Shacks around the world (obviously)!

They racked their brains. ‘We serve chicken, we play blues music. We serve chicken, we play blues music…..’ mnnnnn. How about Chicken & Blues? Yes, it was available, and so our new, trademarked brand, was born!

Expansion underway

Headed to Poole

Shop no.2 opened its doors in the trendy neighbourhood of Ashley Cross in Poole, swiftly followed by a store in Winton, Bournemouth – a fabulous community of fans is forming across both towns, with over 25,000 C&B Patrons App members!

C&B wins national awards!

Best in the UK

Chicken & Blues was crowned ‘Best Takeaway’ at The British Takeaway Awards, followed by ‘Best Family Restaurant’ at the Deliveroo UK Restaurant Awards, with both ceremonies held in London – proud moments for Josh, Steve and the teams.

Bristol pop-up!


Chicken & Blues partners with Deliveroo to launch a 6-month residency which enables Mama’s Home Cookin’ to be enjoyed by just under 500,000 residents of Bristol from July to December 2022. We hope to be back in the future!


On the road

In February 2023 we took delivery of our awesome food truck, which is a 7 metre Hymer Motorhome that has undergone a full conversion, with a restaurant-quality kitchen. The truck is now being booked out for both private and public events, of all sizes!


Now open

We’re excited to announce that our 3rd location, in the heart of beautiful Christchurch, is now open to locals and visitors from 11am-10pm each day. Situated on the corner of Church Street, the restaurant is just a stone’s throw from The Priory.

Best Chicken
Restaurant 2024

Southern England and Wales

We’re thrilled and proud that Chicken & Blues has won ‘Best Chicken Restaurant in Southern England & Wales’ at the Deliveroo Restaurant Awards 2024.

Big ambitions

Spreading our wings

The team have big ambitions to take C&B to different towns and cities across the UK. Born in the southern states, and raised on the south coast, we’ll stay true to our roots. Mama’s Home Cookin’ is Made With Love, using premium quality ingredients, and served with a smile by our ever-growing team.

We look forward to welcoming you!